Tips for a Smooth Move

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Preparation and organization are key when planning a move.  Here are some helpful hints with timeframes. 

60 Days.  Get quotes from several companies.  Make sure that they are licensed and insured  Now is that time to decide what items you want to discard, keep. and  donate.

30 Days. Change your address with the post office .  Clean all rooms in your home that are emptied out.  Begin boxing all items that you are not regularly using.  Use a marker to label boxes with contents.  Call your children’s school for the transition to the new school.  Your children will not be permitted to attend the new school until you have closed on your new home.   Contact local charities to schedule a pick up for donations.  Plan a garage sale if you have enough items to sell.  Perhaps ask your neighbors and do a  sale for the entire block.  You may need to obtain a permit with your town.

7 Days.  Contact all utility companies and  advise them that you will be moving.  Reconfirm with moving company the date and time of the move. Contact your town to arrange a “special pick up” to remove large items such as furniture.

Moving Day.  Do a final walkthrough of your home.  Don’t forget closets, cabinets, refrigerator and other appliances.  Make sure you remove trash for your new buyers.   Ensure that utilities have been connected.  Change locks, alarm codes, code to garage doors for safety reasons.   Check for damages of boxes upon arrival of your possessions to the  new home.