Easy Tips to Maximize Your Home’s Value

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Curb appeal: The exterior of you home is the first thing buyers see - ensure that it is well maintained and appealing.

Get rid of odors: Scent is extremely important when entering a home, be mindful of garbage that needs to be taken out, and use fresheners or scented candles to create a pleasant welcoming feel.

Remove clutter: Depersonalize your rooms by removing photos and personal items that will detract from your home’s selling features. As a result, your home will look cleaner and more appealing to buyers.

Choose paint colors wisely: Keep it neutral -these work best in all homes, much like a blank canvas.

Add light to your home: Buyers prefer a home that has an inviting feel! Open blinds and curtains and let in the natural light. More light helps create a spacious feeling which allows you to negotiate a higher asking price.